The Look now has a blog!

Thomas Urbye in The Look’s grading & HD online suite

In an age where technology seems to speed up and up, trying to keep pace with new tools for business can be tricky! However, we now have a blog which will carry all the latest news on both the projects, the technology & the people we’re working with.

The Look is a post production company based in the heart of Soho London, UK. We specialise in HD projects, whether they are shot on 35mm, tape or data. We also advise productions on the most sensible route to take from scene through to screen. We regularly run camera workshop days where we encourage manufacturers to bring their latest cameras for testing by our DoP clients. Hooking these cameras up to the grading suite can allow everyone to see how the images handle colour manipulation. Its a great opportunity for people to network with other contacts, and talk about their latest projects and ideas.

As ever you will find more in-depth company information at our website

Best regards

Thomas Urbye

Company Director, The Look

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