Working in the film industry

Its been a busy last quarter for us at The Look.  This week we completed the full DI on Fox Searchlight & Walker George Film’s ‘Young@Heart’.  I originally got involved with this project a couple of years ago when it was a television documentary for Channel 4.  However, after its success around the world at various festivals, the right to distribute a feature version across North America (re-cut, re-scored and re-graded) was secured by Fox Searchlight.

‘Young@Heart’ is one of those life-affirming films, much like a film I caught today ‘The Diving Bell and Butterfly’ and also recently ‘Control’, where real people’s lives are portrayed on the big screen, and recounted in under two hours in an emotional roller-coaster for the audience.  It is the power of cinema that always strikes me when watching films such as these, and reminds me yet again why I, and I am sure many others, chose a career in this industry – “if only I could work on a film like that and touch other people the way that has just touched me”.

Commercials and television drama can be touching as well – but often in a different way, making us laugh, feel happy, lose ourselves, and naturally documentaries with touching subject matter can make us reflect on ourselves and the others around us, opening us up to the plight of others less fortunate and often encouraging us to do something about it.

Being a part of this industry, and having a chance to work on great films like ‘Young@Heart’ (which I am sure is going to touch the hearts of thousands) is a real joy.  Its the reason I got into this career in the first place, and lets hope the recent resurgence of powerful features and biopics continues to offer us meaningful cinema.  If the box office returns continue to increase, we could be looking at a great future for these type of films.

Best wishes,

Thomas Urbye

The Look

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