Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

For many its been a turbulent year, and we certainly had the odd quiet month here at The Look – such is the nature of this industry with its waves.  Happily the latter half of the year brought us HD drama series ‘Dead Set’ for E4 and Zeppotron (part of Endemol UK) as well as countless commercials work (mostly on the RED and HDcam).

Many post houses that focus on DI services for the film industry struggled with the writers strike in the US holding up productions, and post houses which work on TV really were in trouble – my personal opinion is that television budgets are only going to go through the floor next year, and as a facility with expensive kit and good staff, even though we’re small with comparatively small overheads, I don’t fancy making just 5% profit (the average post house profit) as stated in the recent Televisual top 50 facilities survey.  At that profit rate you’re so close to making a loss its far too stressful, hence the reason so many facilities have folded and cleverly re-opened the next day as a new limited company, the only problem is that suppliers and finance companies (which a facility relies upon) are happy to see the back of you and your business if you go in administration as a way of ditching them and like a bunch of elephants they dont forget if you stitch them up.

2009 will be the year of the RED camera, we’ve done six ads in the last six weeks shot with this camera, all credit to Quantel who supply a lot of our kit, they’re one of the few companies to produce a system capable of importing and conforming from RED material with no stress, which means as a facility we’re at the forefront of delivering commercials with this camera – I’m already doing quotes for programmes and features for 2009.  As always, the only way to get work is through offering a dedicated personal service, here at The Look we’re up against large facilities (most of the medium sized ones are going bust) so I like to think we have an edge on the larger facilities in this area.

By the Spring of 2009 we’ll see whether the film industry is in turmoil due to a actor’s strike – if that does go ahead its going to spell a huge recession for film related businesses, and a massive hole in the studio releases for 2010, if the strike is canceled I predict a huge year for the movie business, with the dollar so strong against the pound there is no reason why we wont be getting a lot of the US work over here – bring it on, for me, the most exciting development of ’09 will be Stereoscopic on a commercial scale – watch this space for our involvement in this.

See you on the other side

Thomas Urbye

Company Director

The Look

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