HDR: just when you thought 4K was complicated!

Last year UK Production Companies were beginning to get to grips with 4K for Broadcasters: more data, more deliverables…. more costs.

Hot on the heels of 4K is the new dawn of High Dynamic Range – a new format that works alongside 4K resolution.  Not only is your image sharper with 4K, but the range of brightness and colour is significantly increased over traditional Standard Dynamic Range (what we have now).

HDR requires new monitors/TVs, a different approach to grading and deliverables and Netflix, Amazon and Sky are starting to demand it on their bigger shows.

We delivered ‘Fleabag’ for Amazon Studios in 4K HDR last year, so we’ve got a good handle on the workflow, the challenges and the benefits.  On 6th July 2017 I presented to some of London’s top production companies in a thirty minute slot “Planning for HDR” with Post Production Supervisor Liz Pearson.

You can click through the slides and learn more about some of the challenges you may face going in to production on a 4K HDR show……

Camera choice > Production Considerations > Budget and time issues > Workflows

Planning for HDR

If you have any questions, drop us a line on bookings@thelooklondon.com or call us on 0207 287 5313.

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