Spotlight: Sophie Holme, Head of Bookings

This newsletter we spoke to Sophie Holme, who is the head of our Bookings department.

20170526_133038Why did you get into the post-production industry?

The plan was to either go and work for the police or go into the media industry, and media won inevitably!

What’s your favourite place to eat or drink in London?

Recently I’ve been going to Bonnie Gull a lot for delicious fish dishes. It’s local to work too.

For a nice drinking establishment I like The Gunmakers near Marylebone High Street. It’s on the way home, sort of, so feels convenient.

Any tips for leisure time in London?

A sunny walk from Little Venice along the canal to Kings Cross, stopping at Granary Square for lunch is a real highlight.

What’s been your career highlight to date?

This week it was receiving a lovely thank you present from a very satisfied client; smiles and good feelings all round.

What do you do at The Look?

I’m Head of Bookings, so, alongside my colleague Barney, organising a busy schedule, speaking to clients and running the facility in general take up most of my time. I also take great pleasure in quoting for new & exciting projects and am responsible for running the invoices at the end of month.

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