Christopher Ross BSC on ‘Hard Sun’

Chris Ross, DoP on Hard Sun, takes us through how he lit the show.  Hard Sun is in post at The Look right now.

“Hard Sun is a complex fusion of police drama and conspiracy thriller, featuring the interwoven stories of two police officers, Renko and Hicks.

When Brian Kirk, director, and I first began to bounce ideas around about the look of the show we talked at length about the concept of duality. Hicks and Renko both have a private and public face to their characters and their stories develop deeper meanings the more knowledge the audience gains.
So we looked for opportunities to play with mixed colour temperatures…warm golden sunlight with deep blue shadows, sodium vapour streetlight mixing with mercury halide and LED sources. I avoided using any HMI lighting and used large Tungsten units instead (Wendy Lights and Dinos) to push extra colour into the sunlight. The simplicity of hot and cold, amber and blue during daytime was to be combined with a greater mix for the more dangerous night scenes.
Bringing this altogether with Thomas in the grade was the final touch. By finessing the amber highlights and enriching the inky-blue blacks Thomas gave the duality of Hard Sun extra depth and resonance.”

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