Further investment

The Look is delighted to announce the purchase of a new RIO 4K for our Margaret St facility.

The new best in class system will join our two existing RIO 4K systems (and RIO 2K) as part of the facility’s central conform, grading, finishing and delivery eco-system from a single set of high performance drives.

CEO Thomas Urbye comments “Other companies still copy large 4K data between various systems for each stage of the post process.  This is holding up their clients and billing unnecessary time, as well as making VFX conforming a bore.  We continue to offer the highest standards of picture quality and service – imperative for our 4K 16bit HDR focused clients such as Netflix and Amazon.”

The Look is currently working on four Netflix productions and co-productions with BBC and Hulu.

The facility has also invested in the flagship Tektronix WFM 8300 4K HDR scope for QC and measurement which is routed to any suite as needed and LG’s latest 4K Dolby Vision HDR OLED range of monitors.

Systems integrator XTFX will supply the RIO 4K on a state of the art workstation for real-time 4K grading.


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