Spotlight: Tom Boyle, Online Editor


Why did you get into the post-production industry?

I took up Film Studies on a whim at college to fill up my timetable, and fell in love with the subject. Ever since then I have taken every opportunity to further my career in the industry, attending the University of Surrey and completing a four year course in Film Studies.  It was during this time that I worked for a year on placement with The Look, once I graduated I was offered a position in the company.

What’s your favourite place to eat or drink in London?

As I don’t live in London, I don’t really get the chance to have many sit down meals here. However I am very partial to the excellent Honest Burger now and then, the bonus is that there is one right next door to The Look’s office!

Any tips for surviving in London?

Get out of the city once in awhile! I love London but live outside of the city, and I find that getting out of the big smoke every evening can be a massive benefit and helps me relax. There are loads of great towns just a train ride away, Guildford and Windsor, to name a couple.

What’s been your career highlight to date?

I have been lucky enough to work on some big budget drama while working at The Look. I would say the highlight so far would be working on ‘Gunpowder’ for the BBC. Directed by J Blakeson, it covers a period of history that I find really interesting, so it was a great experience to see these people brought back to life through the show and have the chance to work on such a big drama.  

What do you do at The Look?

I am an Online Editor at The Look, so I work closely with the Bookings and Control teams to deliver the shows to a high standard and on time. On a day-to-day basis this would involve working with clients in an online session, making creative decisions on the picture as well as delivering AS-11 files to the UK Broadcasters or IMF to US Broadcasters, and creating DCP packages for films.

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