Spotlight: Grace Weston, Junior Colourist



Why did you get into the post-production industry?

I originally wanted to do photography and was really interested in the editing side of that. At college I decided to do Media Studies and ended up doing a couple of weeks work experience at Quantel. Learning about the post process, specifically grading, appealed to my creative side and I knew that was what I wanted to do. I joined The Look after graduating university in 2016 and have continued developing my grading skills since then.  

What’s your favourite place to eat or drink in London?

I don’t actually live in London so tend to go somewhere different every time I eat out in the city. I’m a big fan of pop-up restaurants and street food so I love places like the Southbank Centre food market. I went with a friend over summer, when you could still go outside without freezing to death, and had some great Thai food.

Any tips for surviving in London?

Well I live in Reading so I think I’m managing all right so far… Commuting in and out of the city can be stressful but it’s a great time to catch up on some reading or listen to a podcast. Whilst I enjoy working in London, working just off of Oxford Street is a nightmare. I’d say to avoid tourist traps like the above and Covent Garden, especially if you are trying to get anywhere fast.

What’s been your career highlight to date?

I’ve loved working on some of the great projects that have come through the facility. The reception that we have received from Sex Education has been incredible, especially as it’s the first project where I’ve had family and friends raving about it without me telling them I worked on it. It was the most input I’ve had in a show of this scale and to see something I was so closely involved with be splashed all over social media was slightly insane.

What do you do at The Look?

I am a Junior Colourist at The Look. I work with Thomas to create the looks, and then perform a first grade pass on all our projects. I also work on smaller projects of my own and do the HDR to SDR trim first passes on all our HDR work. I also assist with Control Room tasks like conforming and deliverables.

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