Spotlight: Colourist Grace Weston


The first thing I properly saved for was a Canon 500D camera. Teaching myself how to construct an image, how to use light and space was one of the first times I felt truly connected to something. Working with both film and digital media, experimenting with format and presentation, the way things are seen and the way things are perceived, is something I find fascinating. From darkrooms with the smell of developer surrounding me, to days in a computer lab on Photoshop tweaking colour, contrast and form, I found images one of the best ways to tell a story. 

Grading took my love for constructing images and turned the volume up to 100. Suddenly everything I shot had to have a ‘look’ to it, be it a Sin City style aesthetic for the opening 10 minutes to a very badly scripted crime drama, or a pastel bubblegum shine for a music video to my favourite song at the time (Primadonna Girl – Marina and The Diamonds, for those who are interested…). This feeling is something that has stuck with me for the past 10 years.

I’ve been at The Look now for almost 7 years, working my way from Post Production Assistant to Colourist. It’s been a fantastic place to develop and refine my skills, alongside a team of talented and dedicated people. I’ve worked with Thomas Urbye on some of the best shows over the last few years including Top Boy, Sex Education and Gangs of London. Individually I’ve worked on Intelligence, Two Weeks to Live and Somewhere Boy. I’m starting on Sex Education S4 in the new year, and I’m excited to see what we can bring to the new season!

Working in a sector of an industry that has been traditionally dominated by men has always felt challenging to come into, especially as a young woman. I’m thankful that in my career so far I’ve been lucky to work with clients who value and respect me and the work that I do. However, I’m always aware of how I’m perceived when in the suite and out of it. Whilst I can only do my best work to improve perceptions of both women and young people in the industry, it’s telling that there is currently only a handful of highly regarded female colourists. I’m eager to challenge these beliefs, and to be a part of the new generation of creative voices.

This is an industry that changes rapidly, and being a part of that change is extremely valuable to me, particularly when one of those changes is the budding effort to encourage female creatives to flourish. I have worked with some incredibly talented women over the last few years, and I’m grateful for those experiences, with people who have taught me a lot. I recently worked with the immensely talented Alexandra Brodski on Somewhere Boy, for which she directed the second block. We found ourselves pleasantly surprised to be two young, female creative voices in the room. Judging by the show’s success, it was a good combo! 

Outside of the suite I love to travel. Whilst I enjoy wandering around a new city, I’m also very partial to a beach holiday where I can sit, read, relax and take a break from the dark room and bright screen. I’m a TV person over films, and I feel incredibly lucky to be developing my career at a point where incredible TV is being made. That being said, I think that I have watched every cheesy rom-com that Netflix has to offer!

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