Major new technology upgrade to support growth

We are delighted to announce we have upgraded our equipment to handle more major dramas going through the facility in 2019 and 2020.

The facility now has five Grass Valley Rio 4K and one Rio 8K conform, grading and finishing systems all running with the latest graphics cards connected to a single set of SSD storage capable of many simultaneous 8K and 4K streams and project interchange.  This will allow our clients to watch the same series and episodes in different rooms doing both online and grading and vfx reviews – all at the same time!

We have also doubled our ELEMENTS storage to half a petabyte, allowing multiple 4K streams for master deliverables, as well as reviews in HDR & SDR.

We have also launched our MyLook site which allows clients to review their project’s upcoming grading and online dates on the webpage, in PDF or iCal, current spend per week and to date, disk usage for rushes and secure video clip reviews as well as a weekly automatic email update.

CEO Thomas Urbye comments: “We have experienced a huge demand for our services over the last twelve months and we are now seen as one of the leading facilities for complex high-end drama series for the world’s top broadcasters. These upgrades are the culmination of months of R&D by ourselves, our developers, and our technology partners, and we are incredibly excited about how they are going to improve the experience for our team and our clients in to a very busy 2020”.

For drama or feature enquiries for 2020/21 call Dan Marbrook, Sophie Cullis or Barney Arathoon on 02072875313.


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