Spotlight: Ollie Andersen, Junior Colourist

What do you do at The Look?

I’m The Look’s Junior Colourist. I’m usually the first to look at a timeline once it’s conformed, firstly focusing on the primary matching of shots and then achieving looks designed by the colour team in collaboration with production during the look setting and camera test days – allowing our clients to sit down on day one and get straight to perfecting the show. 

If we’re utilising a Dolby Vision workflow I will see a project through from beginning to end to make sure our creative intent is preserved as much as possible.

Why did you get into the post-production industry?

I’ve always loved the Film & TV industry but at first I didn’t know how I wanted to contribute to it. I always excelled in maths/science and followed a more academic route out of convenience before finally running out of steam during college. I switched lanes to media and editing in college and then found colour grading during uni – the combination of science and creativity has had me hooked ever since.

What’s been your career highlight to date?

I’d define my highlight as what I’ve enjoyed the most so far. My highlight would have to be achieving highly consistent and high quality grade passes that have been well received by our clients.

What’s your favourite place to eat or drink in London?

This is probably the hardest question to answer as I’m very much into food. I’ve been to a lot of expensive places but I’d actually have to say that mine is Shoryu Ramen. It’s a small chain operating around Soho that serves up consistently great and authentic food til late for a good price. Always enjoy after a few drinks around Carnaby.

Any tips for surviving in London?

Honestly just read the ads on the tube so you don’t have awkward eye contact with anyone.

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